Different Application of HDPE Pipes.

Domestic :

- Portable water supply

- Lift irrigation schemes and farm irrigation schemes.

- Rising mains and distribution network for raw/ filtered water.

- Chilled water circulation

- Temporary supply systems like construction water lines, drought relief and flood relief.


Industrial :

1) Chemicals and edibles transportation

- Conveyance of edibles oil, fruit pulps and juices, milk and brine water.

- Conveyance of acids, alkalies and all corrosive chemicals.

2) Effuent collection and disposal system

- Corrosive chemical effluents and treated/ untreated wastes.

- Treated radio active wastes.

3) Submarine and underwater piplines.

- Effluent mariane outfalls.

- Rivers/canals crossing under water.

- Salt water intake lines.

4) Hydro transport system

-  Iron ore and tailing slurries.

- Boiler ash hunding.

- Coal, Cement slurry hunding.

- Sand slurry conveyance in stowing in mines, sand slurry disposal in dredging.



- Natural gas and coal conveyance and consumer distribution.

- Conveyance and distribution of sewage gas and gobur gas

- Community biogas schemes

- Compressed air supply network at construction sites, mines and factories.


- Lift flow irrigation - Field crop irrigation
- Submersible pump delivery lines - Golf courses, play grounds and stadiums.
- Suction and delivery of pumps - Agriculture and land scaping
- Multi irrigation systems - Dust supression.