Technology to Fight Corrosion and Pollution





High Density Polyethene




HDPE Pipes as per Is  - 4984 / 1995  in Pe - 63 as well as PE- 80 grades. Also as per ISO-4427. Sprinkler irrigation system as per IS 14151 ( Pt-1)

HDPE piles ( With ISI mark ) are generally available in black colour and in std. length of 5 mtsrs. Pipes upto 110 mm size can also be supplied in coil form

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Size :  20 mm to 355 mm Dia    

H.D.P.E. Chem. Storage Tank / Reaction Vessels

Horizontal tanks, chemical bottom tanks, rectangular tanks. Resistance to high Temperatures

polyproplene  -40 to  70 C

H.D.P.E. -40 to 85 C

Design developed and painted by

 Bauku  ( West Germany )

Authrorised fabricated of KUNstoffe  Industries Ltd.  ( INDIA ) which under colloboration with BUKU (West Germany )

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Size : 500 Ltr. to 40000 Ltr. for HCl. H2So4 Storage

H.D.P.E. scruber for effective control of Air Pollution. Inter Care Tradelink is specialised in design and manufacture of efficient scrubbing systems for various hazardous toxic and corrosive gases to meet stringent emission standards and thus comitting to health safety and environmental protection. We have developed indigenously scrubbing systems for various hazardous toxic and corrosive gases like HCl, Cl2, So2 NH3, H2s etc. dust particulates and various solovent vapours. H.D.P.E.


Size : 300 mm Dia to 600 mm    


Pipe Fittings

Stubeend ( SN,LN)

Flanges, Bend, Tee, Reducer Valve, end Cap.


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