Technology to Fight Corrosion and Pollution




( Polypropylene )



Renowed for its excellent resistance to attack a wide range of chemicals and its ability to withstand temperature up to 90 C, PP is widely used for many application in chemical and pharmaceutical processing industries. Acid pickling system in Steel Industries. P.P.


Size :  20 mm to 355 mm Dia    




A comprehensive range of valves to match C-PVC-U-PVC, PP, PVDF and ABS. Range available consisting of union type Ball Valves, Butterfly valves, diaphragm valves, check valves, foot-valves, 'y' type strainers. Respective fittings like socket, elbows, tee, reducers, Nozzles, Flanges and other moulded fittings are available.

Pickling tank

70 ft. length.

3 ft. width

1 1/2 ft. depth


Pickling Tank

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