Technology to Fight Corrosion and Pollution


P.P. / FRP



M.O.C.  : P.P. / F.R.P. or M.S.

Size : 15", 18 ", 21", 24 Dia.

Power : 3,5,7.5, H.P.

CFM : 1000 to  10000

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The internals are carefully designed and precision engineered for efficient absorption of fumes.

 No2 / So2 / Amonia Gas

Suitable capacity provided as per requirement.

M.O.C. 5 mm PPGL + FRP

10 mm PPGL + FRP

Capacity 500 Lts. to 20,000 Lts.

Resistance to high temperatures. Polypropelene Fibre Glass Fabric 40' C to 100'C other requirement Vaccum Reciever.

Chemical Storage Tank



Used for H.C.L. Recovery

P.V.D.F.  ( Polyvinylidene Fluoride )

This elite of thermoplastics has been developed for use in many arduous and diverse applications.

Its Characteristics include ultra high purity, high thermal stability and outstanding chemical resistance, within a wide pressure / temperature range P.V.D.F. is suitable for use between -40 C upto +140 C.


Lining and Pipe/ Fitting / Sheet

H.D.P.E. / P.P. / P.V.C. Round Bar, Sheet,  Block

P.P. Sheets / Blocks can be supplied from 1 mm. to 125 mm. thick. UHMW sheets / Blocks Rods, Bush and profiles can be supplied as per the requirements.

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